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Tomorrows Designs Today


Welcome to AOFD® - Art On Future Designs our TEMPORARY WEBSITE.

AOFD® - Art On Future Designs is a trade and retail website who are looking to sell artwork on fashion wear (shirts, ties and suits), artwork on textiles (fabrics, curtains and bed linen), artwork on bespoke tiles (wall and flooring), artwork on bespoke wallpaper and more... AOFD® - Tomorrow’s Designs Today™.

Our company is based in Perthshire, Scotland and at present we have thousands of beautiful, colourful and detailed artwork designs ready to sell...

AOFD® is going to offer an opportunity for selected (hand picked) Guest Designers™ to upload and sell their designs (monthly earnings potential) through our website.

There will be beautiful and colourful artwork designs from both AOFD® + Guest Designers™ for trade businesses to purchase (download) Exclusive and Non-Exclusive Commercial Licenses for their own business use...

(eg. Manufacturing and selling of tiles, fabrics and wallpaper products)

There will also be advertising opportunities (selected by AOFD® for their relevance to design and art) for businesses to promote and advertise their businesses, services or products on VARIOUS HIGH PROFILE pages throughout the website.

Our business aim is to seek long term business partnerships to guarantee mutual prosperity for all partnering companies and individual guest designers.



Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Steven Billen (Managing Director)

AOFD® - Art On Future Designs Limited